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Membership Benefits

Get all of these benefits when you become a CECE Member

Stay Informed

Stay in the loop with the latest legislative actions that have to do with the early education industry and unite our voices to stand up for early education and the children and families we serve.

Learn + Grow Professionally

Heart and Hand of the Provider professional development series and quarterly guest speakers will offer one-hour zoom sessions on a variety of topics meaningful to you.


Connect with early childhood professionals across the nation via our private Facebook page. Daily conversations and posts to support our profession and monthly live Facebook chats.

Mental Health + Wellness

Whine Down Thursday zoom sessions, TikTok videos focused on health and mental wellness, and links to books and articles to dive deeper into specific topics.


Inspiring Hope Welcome event when you become a member and inspirational stories and quotes each Monday to keep you in a positive mindset.


While many of the professional development events are included with membership, others are offered at a discount, along with coaching sessions and retreats.

Inspiring Hope

Welcome Event

As a new member, you will receive a special welcome kit filled with paint supplies and an invitation to our Inspiring Hope welcome event.  The one hour zoom event will allow new members to meet one another and the Change for Early Childhood Education team.  During the event you will make a piece of art that will inspire you to transform as the wonderfully, unique person you are and as an early childhood professional.  As you are creating your masterpiece, you will learn about the unique benefits offered to you, along with upcoming activities.  We will end the evening with an opportunity for questions in an effort to get you plugged in to the CECE.

Learn + Grow Series

Heart of the Provider

Robin Slaton studied under Valorie Burton and is a certified Personal and Executive Coach from the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute.  As providers, we serve children, families, and our staff.  To serve with optimal impact, we have to take time and care for ourselves.  This series is specifically designed to energize and transform early childhood professionals. 

Learn + Grow Series

Hand of the Provider

Michelle Barnes has served as CEO of a leading early childhood program for 22 years and has a M.Ed. in Leadership Development.  As administrators, we know the quality of service we provide children and families directly correlates to the quality of teachers we have in the classroom.  This series will focus on methods to nurture and retain our most precious resource, teachers.

Mental Health + Wellbeing

Monday Mindset

Each Monday, members receive an inspirational story or quote via email and posted on CECE’s private Facebook page.  Your week is based on your attitude; so let’s make sure you start with a positive and uplifting mindset.

A good coach doesn’t provide the answers.  Rather they ask challenging questions to provide perspective and encouragement which can lead to impactful realizations.  With the inspirational quote comes a simple, yet powerful coaching question.  We encourage our members to answer the question on our Facebook page and read the thoughts of other members.

Mental Health + Wellbeing

Well-Being Wednesday

Bi-weekly, members will receive a link to a Well-Being TikTok video.  Each video is focused on your health and mental wellness.  Additionally, we will provide links to books and articles to dive deeper into specific topics.

Learn + Grow Professionally

Guest Speakers

Quarterly guest speakers will offer one-hour zoom sessions on a variety of topics meaningful to you (staffing, team culture, social media, work-life balance, difficult parents, family engagement, leadership, and more).  Surveys will go out to members to understand interest and needs.  We want to ensure topics are relevant and timely to meet your needs.

Mental Health + Wellbeing

Whine Down Thursday

Whine (and wine) and action!  Bring that one thing that has weighed on you heavily over the week and share it in a safe environment with others that experience the same challenges.  A facilitator will provide time for each participant and allow the group to share kind words and suggestions. By the end of the event, you will feel unstuck and unstoppable! 

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