Change for Early Childhood Education

Uniting Voices. Inspiring Hope.

Change for Early Childhood Education will unite the voices of the childcare industry across the nation. Standing together, we will be heard by policymakers at the local and national level and invited to the table where decisions are made to set our industry up for success.

Parents are often faced with choosing between their career and their children’s care. Child care providers struggle against rising costs while earning poverty wages. The true cost of high quality care is not something parents can afford on their own. Our elected officials need to be held accountable instead of allowing providers and parents to scramble for scarce resources. We need bold action to guarantee safe and affordable care for those who need it.

“I’m Robin, and I am here to help unite our voices. Together we will raise awareness, empower and elevate early childhood education as a profession.”

RobinFounder and CEO

The Heart of the Provider

My childhood was all about survival. I was taken care of by neighbors and family members over the years while my parents worked. My parents assumed that the people who were watching me during the day and after school were safe and to be trusted because they were friendly neighbors or relatives. I was abused by 4 of them. 

These awful experiences greatly altered my childhood. I became a bully at school. A bad, ugly bully. It was a coping mechanism and helped me to survive my childhood in the only way I knew how. 

The effects of the abuse carried into adulthood, and created quite an unexpected and incredible journey.

It Starts With Us

A Leadership Retreat Uniting Early Childhood Administrators

Imagine a culture in early education where there’s excitement in the air, where high quality care and education for children is the norm, where everything is done to enhance parent experiences, where innovation thrives and teachers easily adapt to change, where your team works toward a shared vision of success, and where people genuinely care for one another, feel recognized and are supported within the organization.

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